Our dedication to craftsmanship has led us to thoroughly explore prototype design for our clients in order to provide comprehensive service to all our partners and collaborators. DS GROUP is equipped with a sheet metal cutting plant that uses laser technology for metal processing, presenting an innovative thermal cutting method.

Our BYSTRONIC by AUTONOM LASER, with a power output of 4400W, features high-speed, high-performance laser cutting. With a working area of 3000 x 1500 mm, it offers a remarkable degree of automation thanks to the Collision Detection system.

The materials for our laser processing

Our operational capacity spans several fronts, being able to embrace a variety of projects. Starting from pre-existing files, including those with relevant quotations, or from drawings and images in PDF/JPG format, we even go so far as to custom-create the model to be cut.

Thanks to our expertise in laser processing, we are able to work with materials as diverse as steel up to 25 mm thick, stainless steel up to 20 mm thick, and aluminum up to 12 mm thick. Our technology enables us to provide tailor-made solutions for each project, guaranteeing quality results.

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