Cabin range


Our cabins for operating machines

We offer direct field service for maintenance or replacement of cabin components at customers’ sites. Our experienced team is ready to take on any challenge to ensure the proper functioning of the cabs.

Prototype creation and cabin development take place in direct collaboration with customers. This interactive approach allows us to create customized cabins that meet their specific needs.

We provide a wide range of expertise for complete renovations. These include restoration of cabins and components, as well as reupholstering of interiors, including upholstery. Our goal is to restore the functionality of the cabins and give them a new and attractive appearance.

Cabins for operating machines: safety and efficiency

Machine cabins are protected spaces where operators can handle heavy machinery such as excavators and cranes. Their main function is to protect operators from hazards, such as flying objects and adverse weather. They also provide clear visibility of the work area, allowing precise control of operations. The cabins are ergonomically designed, with adjustable seats and air conditioning systems for operator comfort. They also reduce noise and vibration, protecting the health of operators. In some cases, they are equipped with air filtration systems to reduce exposure to harmful substances. Operating machinery cabins are critical to providing a safe and efficient working environment.