2D / 3D design

2D / 3D design:
how the process comes about

We begin with a dedicated client meeting, a time when we gather valuable information to shape the 3D design. Here, we not only consider the demands of the market, but also offer tailor-made solutions in accordance with its needs.

Once we have outlined the 2D or 3D project in all its facets in collaboration with the client-design, structure, fixtures, accessories, finishing and painting-we proceed with the formulation of our technical-economic proposal. From there, we engage in the prototyping phase and refine the path to the final goal: the production of the cabs.

Throughout the 3D and 2D design process, we maintain constant communication with the client, updating them on the development of the stages. Our craftsmanship approach allows us, upon request, to make changes even during the course of production, even on individual units in production, to ensure that the final result is in harmony with expectations.

Cabin design

We work closely with clients to create prototypes and develop customized cabins that reflect their specific needs. In addition, we provide complete renovation services, including restoration of cabins, components, and reupholstering of interiors. Our goal is not only to restore functionality but also to provide a fresh and attractive look to the cabins.

2D design - 3D design

Laser Processing

Equipped with an innovative laser sheet metal cutting equipment, DS GROUP uses a BYSTRONIC byAUTONOM high-power (4400W) LASER for precise and fast cuts. With a working area of 3000 x 1500 mm, this laser offers advanced automation with features such as Collision Detection, automatic nozzle changing and automatic nozzle centering.